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Just call Imaz Trading Company Support Representatives on : 08 - 813 814 or 03 - 487 888

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Warranty service will only be performed if the original sales invocie issued by Imaz Trading Company is presented.

  • The warranty becomes valid from the date of reception by the customer.
  • Warranty means repairs and not return or exchange. Transportation fees are free of charge however if no problem, malfunction or defect was found the customer will be charged those fees.
  • This warranty does not cover the external body of the unit especially if damaged from fire or rust, nor such consumable items as remote controls, buttons, wheels, filters etc...
  • The warranty will be void if:
  1. The unit was used for commercial use, was subject to missuse, abuse,power fluctuation, damaged due to the lightning or installed or operated contrary to the manufaturers instructions delivered with the purchased product.
  2. The serial number of the unit has been tampered
  3. The unit was repaired or serviced by a non authorized technician.

Exchange Policy:

  • Products may be exchanged once within 1 month of the date of purchase indicated on the invoice receipt.
  • Items should not be used, damaged or defected.
  • Item should be in its principal conditions with its original package, accessories and manual (sealed).
  • Original invoice, receipt voucher or exchange card should be presented during exchange.
  • No refund is allowed.

Imaz Trading Company reserves the right to deny any exchange.

الشروط المعتمدة لتبديل البضاعة :

يمكن تبديل البضاعة  مرة واحدة ضمن مدّة أقصاها شهرا واحد " من تاريخ الشراء المذكور على الفاتورة .
يجب على البضاعة أن تكون غير مستعملة وبحالة جيدة.
يجب أن تكون البضاعة في غلافها الأصلي مع جميع الأكسسوارات وكتيّب الإرشادات (مختومة) .
عند التبديل ، يجب إبراز الفاتورة أو الإيصال أو بطاقة البدل.
استرداد المال غير مسموح.

تحافظ الشركة على حقها برفض أي حالة تبديل


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