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Electrolux - Front Loading Washing Machine EWF1484BA


Product Information

Electrolux - Front Loading Washing Machine EWF1484BA

The Electrolux FlexCare® washing machine automatically adjusts wash times, water and energy consumption for each load. It adapts to your needs so that each cycle lasts just the time required. And because it never washes excessively, it protects all your textiles. 


  • 8kg: a washing machine that sees great!

Thanks to its large washing capacity of 8 kg, this washing machine allows you to wash as much linen as you want.

  • Small or heavy loads: your washing machine adjusts its cycle

This washing machine with AutoSense offers you all the flexibility you need. It optimizes with maximum precision the consumption of water, electricity to the quantity and nature of the linen.

  • Delayed End: Freedom and flexibility

Thanks to this washing machine, you will not have to worry about the linen waiting to be released. Simply select the time you want your laundry to be ready.

  • A clean product box

The PowerJet technology of this washing machine helps keep the product box clean thanks to its high-pressure water jets. It ensures that the entire dose of detergent is released and used optimally.

  • Reduce wash time by up to 50% with the Quick option.

With the Quick option, you can reduce the total wash time of the selected cycles by up to 50%. It is ideal for refreshing your clothes.







  • Characteristics

Maximum drum capacity (kg): 8
Legal Energy Class *: A +++
Conso. Energy consumption (kWh / year) *: 190.0
Spin drying efficiency: B
Max. Spin speed (rpm): 1400
Conso. Annual water (L) *: 9999
Color: White

  • Specification

Automatic variable capacity
Option Rinse Plus
LCD display with delayed finish
Front washing machine
DuoDose flexible powder / liquid container

  • Performance

Max. Drum capacity (kg): 8
Engine: Standard
Power Consumption (Wh): 0.96
Door: Hublot silver
Washing cycle time (min): 244

  • Installation

White Colour
Height (mm): 850
Width (mm): 600
Connection to hot water supply: Cold
Gross device weight (Kg): 67
Net device weight (Kg): 65.5

  • Energy

Legal Energy Class *: A +++
Conso. Energy consumption (kWh / year) *: 190.0
Spin-drying efficiency: B
Max. Spin speed (rpm): 1400
Conso. Annual water (L) *: 9999
Conso. Energy mode "" off "" (W): 0.48
Conso. Energy mode "" Left on "" (W) *: 0.48
Max. Residual moisture content (%): 52
Commercial energy class *: A +++
Reference program: Cotton 60 ° C half and full load, Cotton 40 ° C half load
Duration of mode "" Left on "" (min): 5
Noise level, wash dB (A) **: 58
Sound level, spin dB (A) **: 78

  • Other

Product code (PNC): 914 911 325
EAN code: 7332543399062
Water connection hose (cm): 130
Drain Hose (cm): 145
Voltage (V): 230
Power (W): 2200
Amperage (A): 10


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