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Samsung - Front Loading,8 KG,Eco Bubble WF80F5EHW4X/FH


Product Information

Samsung - Front Loading,8 KG,Eco Bubble, Silver (WF80F5EHW4X/FH)

Now you can wash just as effectively in cool as in warm water - The Samsung washing machine with Eco Bubble™ technology. It saves energy with every load and is a revolution in washing. Wash Cool. Save energy. 


  • Wash Cool, Save Energy
Now you can wash just as effectively in cool as in warm water - The Samsung washing machine with Eco Bubble™ technology. It saves energy with every load and is a revolution in washing. Wash Cool. Save energy.

  • How Eco Bubble™ works?
Breakthrough Samsung Eco Bubble™ technology froths detergent with air and water before the cycle begins, generating cleansing bubbles that penetrate fabrics faster than concentrated detergent. Wash clothes as effectively in cool water as you would in warm water which saves energy.

  • Durable and less noise
The Digital Inverter Motor features an innovative brushless design and uses magnets to drive the drum’s rotation. With the new motor, there’s less friction, which means there’s less noise and vibration. The reduced friction also cuts down on wear and tear of the machine’s working parts, so, its durability is guaranteed with a 10-year warranty.
  • Add elegance to your home décor
Enhance your home décor with Crystal Gloss™ Design. Instead of a mundane, boxy look, the washing machine’s facade is slightly curved for a more inviting aesthetic. It incorporates Samsung’s Touch of Colour™ technology, which adds a deep and elegant transparency to the door’s rim. Complementing the washing machine’s organic design is the wide display, featuring flat buttons that respond to your slightest touch. * The design specification may vary depending on the model.

  • Let Smart Check diagnose and troubleshoot problems for you
Imagine not having to call a repairperson when there’s a problem because your washing machine notified you first with the solution. The new Samsung washing machine comes equipped with the innovative Smart Check. Smart Check detects and diagnoses errors at an early stage and provides easy troubleshooting solutions through the use of a smartphone with LED scanning. You don’t even have to consult your user manual — you can correct the issue before it becomes a real headache.

  • Remove stains - and extra steps
There are many ways to dirty your clothes. And one unique way to clean them. Stain Away uses Eco Bubble™ technology to deeply, gently and effectively clean clothes. Remove the most common stains—such as wine, tomato, blood, chocolate and grass—as well as less common ones.

  • Eco Drum Clean
Wash the drum as easily as you clean your clothes by turning the dial to Eco Drum Clean. The eco-friendly cleaning cycle removes detergent residue and dirt buildup—without harsh chemicals. Not sure when to clean the tub? An alarm goes off after every 40 loads to remind you.

  • Last Memory
If you’re washing load after load without changing the settings, you don’t need to reprogramme the cycle every time. Last Memory stores the last setting used—even if the washing machine has been turned off. Just press start and wash another load. The time you save will add up fast.

  • Diamond Drum
The streamlined shape of the Diamond Drum provides a powerful yet gentle washing perfor- mance. The diamond embossed drum gently moves clothes along the uniquely designed drum, while smaller water holes prevent fabrics from snagging and being damaged. Get fabric care with deep-clean results.

  • Quick Time Wash
Even when you’re super busy, you can still make time for laundry with Quick Time Wash. Simply press the 15’ Quick Wash button and clean a load in 15 minutes. Change the timer setting (options include: 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes) based on load size - and your schedule.
Washing Capacity (kg) : 8 KG
Body color : INOX
Panel Display : G.LED
Energy Efficiency Class : A+++
Energy Consumption (annual) : 195 KWH
Water Consumption (annual) : 10,500 L
Spin Efficiency : B
Noise Level (Wash) : 62 DB
Noise Level (Spin) : 79 DB
Aqua Hose : NO
Bubble technology : YES
Ceramic Heater : NO
Child Lock : YES
Delay End : YES
Language Setting : NO
Last Memory : YES
Leakage Sensor : NO
My Cycle : NO
Smart Check : YES
Baby Care : YES
Bedding : NO
Cotton : YES
Daily Wash : YES
Dark Garment : NO
Denim : NO
Eco Drum Clean : NO
Outdoor Care : YES
Quick Wash : YES
Rinse + Spin : YES
Spin : YES
Sports Wear : NO
Stain Away : YES
Super Eco Wash ; YES
Synthetics : YES
Wool : YES
Net Dimension (WxHxD) : 600 X 850 X 550 MM
Net Weight : 64 KG

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